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Spoil-Me Box Monthly Subscription

Spoil-Me Box Monthly Subscription

Everyone loves to get a package in the mail…It's not a bill, it's not a flyer…it's a spoil-me box with your name on it!  A treasure box full of our favourite finds just for you.  You think of everyone, now it's the time to spoil yourself.

Pay for it once and forget about it.  At the beginning of every month you will receive a surprise in the mail…your very own Spoil-Me Box, full of lovely items for you to enjoy and share

Guess what, we're so confident you'll love your spoil-me boxes that we offer a trial order and you can cancel anytime you like. So go ahead and indulge <3

 By the way, if there is someone super special you do want to spoil, wouldn't this Goodie-subscription make the most amazing gift?!  A package of love arriving monthly for your mom, sister, daughter, best friend, wife, aunt, niece, grandmother, co-worker, girlfriend…I could go on…

 Photos provided as an example of past Spoil-Me Boxes, each month is a new surprise! 

Subscriber will be charged once a month for $29.12 ($19.99 plus shipping within Canada, handling and taxes). Please message us for international orders.